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Change and development of main transmission parts of stampin

Source: Qingdao Donghe Technology Co.Ltd.,    Release time:2019-01-26 12:34    Reading volume:172

CNC turret punch is a traditional Chinese medicine equipment for sheet metal stamping. How does it change and develop as the main driving component of CNC turret punch stamping power source?
In the 1960s, when NC technology was introduced into the control of NC turret punch, a kind of pneumatic clutch and brake was used. Although its structure was relatively simple, its shortcomings were fast loss of friction discs, strong pollution, poor stability, frequent adjustment and maintenance, and its working frequency was low and noise was high. Until the 1980s, hydraulic clutch and brake were introduced. They have the advantages of stable performance, low noise and low pollution. Moreover, their service life is much longer than that of pneumatic clutch and brake, which greatly reduces downtime and maintenance costs.
NC turret punch is a processing program compiled by programming software (or manual). Servo feeding mechanism sends the sheet material to the required processing position. At the same time, the die selection system chooses the corresponding die in the die library. The hydraulic power system stamps according to the program, and automatically completes the processing of the workpiece.
The PLC used in NC punch press can be divided into two categories: one is CNC manufacturer, which integrates CNC and PLC to realize the sequential action control of NC punch press, and the other is to realize the sequential control function of NC punch press with the products of independent and specialized PLC manufacturer. Independent PLC. The information transmission between built-in PIC and CNC is carried out in CNC. The information transmission between PLC and (MT, Machine) is realized by CNC input/output interface circuit. This type of PLC can not work independently, but the expansion of CNC function to PLC can not be separated. The built-in PLC can share a CPU with CNC, such as Siemens. SINU? MERIK810, 82.

Above is the introduction of the change and development of the main transmission components of the stamping power source of the NC turret punch, hoping to help you understand the NC turret punch.