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What are the 85 and 90 series of CNC turret punch press?

Source: Qingdao Donghe Technology Co.Ltd.,    Release time:2019-01-26 12:35    Reading volume:91

CNC turret punch is mainly to process steel sheet material, and then process into the shape people need, so do you know about the 85, 90 series of CNC turret punch?
The so-called 85, 90 series CNC turret punch, simply say, 85, 90 die structure is different, 85 series is mainly hit head and core separation. The 90 series of percussion heads are connected to the connecting rods. The 90 series has more disassembly than the 85 series, and the performance of the 90 series is better than that of the 85 series. But the market is still using 85 series of more.
The NC turret is mainly processed by programming software, that is to put the steel plate material at the feed port, select the mould in the die library, and then the hydraulic power system starts to work on the steel plate material stamping, lathe and other tools, its step-by-step program is to install the system software on the programming to operate. So there is almost no error rate. As long as the program is set up, the NC turret can complete the processing of the workpiece automatically. Very fast.

NC turret punch processing methods mainly include: nibble, separate washing, continuous blanking in the same direction, continuous blanking in multiple directions, one-time forming, multiple continuous forming and alignment forming, etc.